Our Caviar brand


We are specialists in the supply of Iranian BELUGA and BEARII caviar

Your Brand , Your Label

We can specialize our products for your brand and label or even in white label kind

Quality & Food Safety

HACCP system standards widely used amongst our existing suppliers. At PERSIS we believe that success depends on the supply of high-quality products that meet and exceed customer and consumer expectations of our brand products Quality caviar has a continuous and delicate texture with large, healthy and unbreakable grains, with delicate color, smell and taste

We are PERSIS , supplier & exporter of Iranian luxury foods . We select the best processed caviar of Iran with HACCP ,HALAL and CITES. The Company supplies and exporte this valuable product to meet the needs of the international markets . We are able to supply you the whole sizes of Baeri & Beluga Caviar

Beluga CAviar